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National Radio Host touts Know Your Talents

What a great conversation Scottsdale Arizona resident and national radio host Dave Pratt had with Lori Coruccini and Julie Plummer last Friday, during his weekly podcast, discussing the benefits of learning about your natural talents (behavior).

For me it was a trip down memory lane. Dave Pratt has been a longtime radio personality, known to his fans as the “Morning Mayor”. His show Dave Pratt in the Morning became the longest running rock and roll morning show in the United States. Pratt has sold more than 100,000 albums with his band, headlining sold-out shows in major venues throughout Arizona.

The podcast covered many topics but it was all around learning about what the KYT team does for customers. Take a listen here.

If you want to go to a specific topic during the podcast below is the time in and topic:

1.30 sec: Secret Sauce- Its all around ProScan

3.25 sec: KYT History – Staffing background?

6.11 sec: Business renewal rate of 85%

6.30 sec: How utilizing ProScan builds trust

9.00 sec: Company Strategy – Yes Behavior plays a role

10.30 sec: Job modeling with top performers

11.25 sec: Motivation Review how to use it

14.00 sec: 4 types of behaviors

18:00 : Do owners and executives take these seriously?

19:00: Positives of learning about your talents

21:45 sec: You made your husband take this BEFORE you said yes? 23:00: Lori talks about Dave’s behavior- what a good guy😊

Yes, the truth is she did make me take the ProScan survey. Its been an exciting couple of weeks with the announcement of the acquisition of Know Your Talents and now this great podcast. Thanks Dave for supporting our cause.