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by Nathan Darling - Dec 03, 2009

For anyone who read this post on Dec 3rd, I offer a sincere apology.  It was woefully inaccurate.  Just so the rest of you are in the loop, in attempting to describe Adobe’s Indesign CS4 product, I compared it to a print version of Adobe Photoshop CS4.  Let it be known that I am (now) fully aware that Indesign and Photoshop are entirely different programs.  For one thing Photoshop functions as a verb.  You are not likely to hear anyone saying, “That brochure looks indesigned.”

Indesign is specifically created to form a layout for images, text, and graphics to come together on a page for magazines, brochures, posters, newsletters, restaurant menu’s…we even use if for all of our CD cases.   It’s actually a lot less flashy of a program than Photoshop, or Illustrator, and yet its a crucial design tool for anyone trying to pull images, text, etc together and manipulate it into a magazine cover that is pleasing to the eye.  Or a menu that doesn’t look like it was designed in Microsoft Word.  (That may be fine for take home menus, but your sit down menu better have some pizzazz, and really that is what Indesign is all about.  In fact maybe they should have named it Adobe Pizzazz, but they didn’t.  In the past if you wanted to design your periodicals you would have to turn to something like Quark, or Publisher both of which were good for their time but the feature rich Indesign is just plain better.  The only problem is, in order to make use of the features you really can’t just open up the program and start playing with it. Training is required.  That’s where LearnKey comes in.  We picked the brain of expert Chad Chelius to provide us with an indepth easy to follow instructional series that will teach you something whether you are a beginner or an old pro.  You can find it on our Indesign Training page.

To really make the most of Adobe Indesign you will be pulling images from Photoshop, Digital Art from Illustrator, and maybe even text from Acrobat.  The video segment below was put together before our Indesign course was ready, but it does showcase some of the other Adobe offerings that we can help you get the most of.   (Don’t worry, there are no subliminal messages)

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