A+ 2009 Webisode #6

by Nathan Darling - Dec 09, 2009

Started in 1982 as an “Association of Better Computer Dealers” the company that would become CompTIA emerged as the “Standard” for computer technicians.  In fact, in April of 2007 some of CompTIA’s certifications (including their flagship product, A+) were recognized by the American National Standards Institute.  A+ is meant to ascertain an individuals overall ability to handle computers.  It is specifically meant to be vendor nonspecific, so a certified individual should be able to handle any computer whether it be an Apple, a PC, or Linux, and should be competent in dealing with the various hardware configurations for each.  In short, it is the benchmark for proving technical competency, and it is a must have for anyone seeking a career in computer  repair/maintenance/administration.

Together with A+ expert, Mike Meyers (the Alpha Geek); LearnKey is excited to provide a series of training videos designed to not only help you pass the A+ exams but to pound the information neccessary to succeed in this industry deeply into your cranium using “Edutainment” (Educational materials repackaged to be Entertaining).   For example, In the first video Mike Meyers dons his outfit and flies (homage to the Matrix, or Superman, or some other show where a person flies… Heroe’s maybe.  you get the idea).

The first topic covered is Hygiene.  Even though some of the training is tongue-in-cheek, it is all relevant both to getting certified, and to surviving the corporate jungle, and because of the music, special effects, and jokes, the information is 25% to 30% more likely to stick in your mind.

Our production department is so excited about this training video, that they have provided us with the following video advertisement, have a look.

As you can see we are all very excited to be have the finished product almost ready.  Keep your eyes on our Twitter page where you will be made aware as soon as it is released.  We hope you enjoy it as much as you learn from it.

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