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Top 10 Reasons to Get Certified

IT certifications have many benefits. From the obvious to the not-so-obvious, we came up with a list of the top 10 benefits of having a certification.

  1. More money
  2. Of course this is the number one reason – getting a certification can lead to a pay raise in your current position, a promotion, or being hired for a different position that pays more.

  3. Advantage
  4. Getting a certification can be the competitive edge needed to overcome the competition for the same position. The point of a certification is to prove to everyone that you know your stuff. From an employer’s perspective, they see potential employees touting their qualities and abilities all day. Would you rather hire someone who only says they can do the job, or someone who took a test to prove it?

  5. Refresh
  6. Certifying – especially with certifications that require renewal – will not only teach you new things, but will also allow you to occasionally go over the information you already know, giving you the opportunity to refresh your skills and strengthen areas you might not be as strong in.

  7. Networking
  8. These days, it’s all about connections – who you know can influence anything from the way you solve a problem, to where you get hired. Going through the certification process can be a good time to meet and network with other certified people that are interested in the same area as you.

  9. Increased self-esteem
  10. You studied, you took the test, and a certification body has deemed you worthy of receiving their seal of approval. That’s a pretty hefty pat on the back! Achieving a certification will increase your self-esteem and reassure you that you can accomplish the things you want to.

  11. More business
  12. If you are a consultant or analyst that is self-employed an IT certification might help you get more business. Sometimes it can be quite hard to promote a self-run business, and being able to display your certification status can give your potential clients a push in the right direction.

  13. More contracts
  14. Your company might also land more contracts if employees are certified. Let’s say you’re the customer and you’re weighing your options – wouldn’t you feel better knowing the people you’re paying to do a job are certified to do what they do?

  15. More resources
  16. Certifying involves a lot of research and learning – which in turn provides you with resources to use in the field. Is a specific section giving you trouble? Use your learning resources as a reference when the time comes to apply your knowledge.

  17. Get it free
  18. It’s in your company’s best interest to make sure their employees are well trained and doing a good job. Sometimes that involves paying for employee certifications as part of your job benefits.

  19. Bragging Rights
  20. Certifications are something to be proud of! Once you’re certified, you can show off how awesome you are to all of your friends and family. Just be sure to use your personal judgment on how much or how little showing off you do – LearnKey is in no way responsible for damages caused by jealousy.

If you have a certification, what is the biggest benefit for you? What was the biggest benefit while you were working on certification? If you want to get certified what do you perceive to be the biggest benefit of certifying?