Project Based Learning Gains Momentum

by Allacyn - Dec 10, 2010


Although you might still recall feelings of dread when you were told that you had to work together with a group of peers on a project for a class assignment, they are the projects you remember the most. In the fourth grade I worked with a group of my classmates on a book report and although I dreaded the task before, I had a lot of fun completing the assignment and I still remember exactly what it was about. This leads me to believe in the idea of project based learning for students.

Many educators are adopting project based and collaborative learning methods in order to incorporate 21st century learning skills. Employers increased demand of employees that can collaborate, work in teams, communicate effectively, think critically, and solve problems has spurred on the use of these teaching methods. This method also helps students retain information because it engages them and requires them to think deeper about the problem rather than just sit through a lecture. People are viewing this as a win win because students are learning the 21st century skills that are highly desirable, but they are also really digesting the subjects they are learning about.

What are some of the fun group projects you worked on or have assigned to students? Do you think that project based learning has merit? Would you be interested in implementing it in your classroom or do you already?

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