A Holiday Wish

by Nathan Darling - Dec 24, 2009

We at LearnKey would like to wish all of you; whether you be clients, prospective clients, or even competitors; a wonderful Holiday Season.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or even Festivus, may it be with loved ones.

May you have your fill of food, warmth, and family but not overdo any of them or they will make you sick.

May you enjoy your presents more than the thought of what you could trade them in for.

May the stores be in stock of any last minute items that you have not gotten around to buying.

May the drivers on the road, and the shoppers in the aisle be patient and courteous and treat you as if you carried a hidden weapon.

May the presents you ordered online arrive … well if they are not here yet it’s too late.  Never mind.

May all the food taste exactly as the preparer intended, and may the partakers sincerely appreciate the effort even if they don’t like the flavor.

May your loved ones be calm and pleasant with each other so all may enjoy the meaning of the holiday.

Have a safe, happy, meaningful, magical, environmentally conscious, non-discriminatory, politically correct Holiday Season.


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