The Death of Microsoft Windows?

by Nathan Darling - Dec 28, 2009

There have been a number of articles and blogs recently proclaiming that Windows 7 is the end for Microsoft. Or at least for Microsoft’s stranglehold on OS (The Operating System that most PC’s run on.). Sure, Microsoft has competition. Apple has always served as an alternative to Windows, and more recently Linux has taken a chunk of the market share, but Microsoft has maintained it’s “king of the mountain” position.  According to the latest news, that may be about to change.

NetworkWorld suggests that Windows 7 may be the last major chapter in Windows story.  SFGate reports a similar story.  Techworld further expounds on the impending demise.  Although it lends credence to the claim to have the same story published from a variety of sources, all of these reports seem to be drawing information from an IDC article written by Al Gillen.  Another online periodical, TGDaily also reports from the IGN article, but TGDaily points out that this is not a new prediction.

“Observers will note that for the last 12 years people have been predicting dumber computers, virtualised environments and the cloud in various guises but it never seems to happen.”

Indeed, the aforementioned Techworld reported a similar story about Windows Vista in 2006.

It would seem that there is a general agreement that the “OS” as we know it will be replaced, and that Personal Computers are on their way to becoming less important, but there does not seem to be an agreement or even any reliable information about when. Suffice it to say, that if computers are replaced by wristwatches, with data processing, texting and most importantly gaming capabilities, LearnKey will be here to help you make the most of it. In the meantime, Windows 7 is going strong.

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