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Free Talent Assessment: Leveraging behavioral strengths in the learning & career exploration process

People ask me all the time about career assessments and their importance for students who want to explore career options. My response is simple: “Teach someone their natural talents & strengths first.” That is right, let them learn about their natural strengths and how to leverage those for both personal and professional growth, which can enhance the career exploration process.

Are they outgoing? If they are, how do they leverage that? What about “blind spots” that could cause their extroversion to hinder them or how they show up to others? A blind spot might be that being outgoing is awesome, however, maybe sometimes they can be too talkative and hinder others’ opinions. Same can be said for introverted people who have a hard time saying no and speaking up.

These behaviors are going to show up which, is why we have just launched a great course on discovering one’s strengths for career exploration. This course addresses this and much more.

Additionally, we have our own free talent assessment for learners which takes less than 5 minutes and provides them with a high-level description based on their responses. Best of all, its free!

These are learning systems to help those through the learning process, and can play a big role in online learning as well. For example: someone who is more process oriented is probably going to have an easier time with online learning vs. someone who is extroverted. Don’t get me wrong, extroverts can be successful, however they may want more “touch points” by way of instructors, counselors, and tutoring sessions along the way.