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Hello there. It’s been a while, but I’ve been deep in the think tank (with some help) for quite some time, looking for ways to improve our courses. And in doing so, I returned to one key principle about learning anything computer-related: practice makes perfect.

Our courses have video-based training, pre- and post-assessment tests for each domain, and practice labs. Most of our courses have a project workbook with exercises designed to help people achieve their course goals,, such as passing a certification exam and becoming more employable in their chosen field or fields of study.

But, as with many creations, we always look to improve the product. We have begun to roll out some enhancements to our courses to boost your learning experience. Some of the new features you will see in our newest courses are:

  1. Practice examples within each domain and many “try this yourself” exercises throughout the course. For example, the new version of the Python course includes several opportunities for immediate practice after a group of videos covering a topic. After you try to solve whatever problem is in front of you, the following video goes through the solution. These exercises give you great feedback while you are learning and will steer you toward areas where you can gain extra practice. We have also incorporated these exercises into the upcoming Adobe 2024 series of courses.
  2. For coding courses, code examples to complete. Occasionally, within a course, you will be presented with a code example that requires you to fill in some missing information. Again, the goal is to get you some extra practice and think beyond the video content to solve problems. These exercises will sharpen one’s test-taking skills.
  3. Faster updates to existing courses. Many courses have exam objectives that occasionally undergo minor updates (every 6 to 12 months). We are adding some small, text-based updates where necessary to keep these courses current. Many of these updates will have impromptu practice exercises right after those updates.

We are making other updates to our overall course presentations, but those are the three major features to expect at this time. As always, thank you for partnering with LearnKey for your learning and career aspirations.