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Understanding DoD 8140/8750 Certification Levels, Part 3

For this part of the series, we will be exploring Level III for the Baseline Certification Category Roles within the DoD 8140/8570. In the previous two parts of the series, we discussed the entry level and mid-level Baseline Certifications that would help an individual qualify for an Information Assurance Role.

There are three Level III categories, those being:

  • Information Assurance Technical/Technician (IAT) – Level III
  • Information Assurance Management (IAM) – Level III
  • Information Assurance Architecture and Engineering (IASAE) – Level III

Level III categories will be working within the Enclave Environment. Level III’s have mastered Level I’s Computing Environment and Level II’s Network Environment.

These Levels are not entry level, these roles are for those that have been in the Information Assurance workforce and have applicable experience to the next Level. To read more on the requirements for Level III, please refer to this link.

Starting with the Information Assurance Technical/Technicians, to qualify for a role as a Level III IAT, LearnKey provides the certifications that will meet the Baseline Requirements:

Next, the Information Assurance Manager Level III has the following Baseline Certifications that LearnKey provides to help you gain the knowledge and certifications:

The last of the Level III’s that we are going to touch on are the Information Assurance System Architecture and Engineering, which this is the only category that LearnKey does not currently have a certification pathway to meet the minimum Baseline Requirements.

The levels are meant to be consecutive, which means mastery of the prior level. However, depending on your experience in Information Assurance and the different environments, you could potentially qualify for a higher level without achieving the level prior. If you are starting out, please be aware as some certifications have prerequisites that are not explicitly listed in the Baseline Certification Road Map, which will alter how you navigate your certifications.