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Linux+ MasterExams Released Today!

Today, we are excited to announce the release of our Linux+ Part I and Linux+ Part II MasterExams.

MasterExamâ„¢ test prep tools from LearnKey help IT certification candidates put the finishing touches on their comprehension and confidence as a final step before sitting for the exam. With hundreds questions, the all-new Linux+ Part I/Part II MasterExamâ„¢ supplements the training and hands-on experience needed to pass the Linux+ Part I/ Part II exams.

Our hope is that through our courseware we may provide learners with the guidance, preparation, and skills they need to succeed. For more information and to learn about additional LearnKey products visit our website.

Author: Brad

Since I started working for LearnKey in 2006, I have held seven different positions within the company. I studied web design at Southern Utah University and spent the next couple of years working my way up the LearnKey ladder to my current position as the webmaster of learnkey.com.