Happy 11/11/11 – The Last Binary Day

by Trevor - Nov 11, 2011

Happy Binary Day. Today is the last Binary Day for the next 89 years! Now you might ask, “What makes a binary day?” Well binary consists solely of the numbers ‘0 and 1’. When a date is made up of only 1’s and 0’s then that is considered a binary day. There are only 9 binary days that occur in a binary year, and only 4 binary years in a century. We have had 36 binary days since 01/01/00 in the year 2000, but the thing that is crazy is that we won’t have another until January 1, 2100. So to all you machine language programmers out there, Happy Binary Day!

To see a full list binary days in the years 2010 and 2011, visit ExploringBinary.com

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One Response to “Happy 11/11/11 – The Last Binary Day”

  1. By Trenton on Nov 11, 2011 | Reply

    dang, thats to bad it won’t happen for 89 years. I won’t be alive then. happy binary day to everybody.

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