Presidential Facts for President’s Day

by Allacyn - Feb 21, 2011


President’s Day was designed to celebrate George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays, but for many of you it just means an extra day off from work and some amazing sales. So, in honor of the Presidents of the United States of America (the actual Presidents, not the 90’s alt-rock band), here are some fun facts about our nation’s past leaders:

  • Martin Van Buren was the first President born in the United States.
  • John Tyler was the first Vice President to assume Presidency.
  • James Polk was the first President to have his picture taken.
  • Theodore Roosevelt was the first President to ride in a car during his presidency.
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the first President to ride in an airplane.
  • Abraham Lincoln was the tallest President at 6’4″.
  • James Madison was the smallest at 5’4″.
  • James Garfield was the first left-handed President.
  • There have been eight Presidents that never attended college.
  • Thomas Jefferson spoke six different languages.
  • William Henry Harrison died from pneumonia after only serving 31 days of his term.
  • John Tyler had 15 kids.
  • John Quincy Adams had a pet alligator.
  • 14 of our Presidents were Vice Presidents first.
  • Eight Presidents were born as British subjects.
  • Chester A. Arthur owned 80 pairs of pants.
  • Rutherford B. Hayes was the first President to own a phone, his phone number was 1.

Let us know in the comments if you have any interesting Presidential facts you would like to share with us. Did any of the presidents have any certifications, perhaps?

Have a Happy President’s Day!

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