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IC3 GS5 Training: Learn About IC3 GS5 Computing Fundamentals

Joining our recently released IC3 GS5: Key Applications Course, I am excited to introduce our soon to be released IC3 GS5: Computing Fundamentals course.

The Computing Fundamentals course covers hardware and Internet basics, mobile devices, troubleshooting, cloud computing, security, and more!—all tied to the concepts outlined in the IC3 GS5 objectives.

  • The course is split into eight sections that focus on specific areas of the exam objectives to help you focus your studies.
  • Actual devices are shown during the course in simple scenarios that demonstrate basic connections and settings.
  • The project workbook, which accompanies the course, offers further practice with the concepts discussed in the course. Be sure to use this resource to refine your skills.

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of the course:

  • Pace yourself—if something isn’t clear or you didn’t quite follow the demonstration, pause, rewind, and review the section. Don’t rush the training; it’ll be there for you when you’re ready.
  • Take a break—as with pacing, taking a break can help you keep your focus and help you better retain the information you’re learning.
  • Where possible, practice with your own hardware to solidify the concepts demonstrated in the course.
  • Be sure to take notes—there may be topics that you’re less sure about. That’s okay. Use your notes to help you focus on areas to review or to guide your use of the project workbook.
  • Set a reasonable deadline for completion—be honest with the time you have available and how well you’re progressing through the training and plan a date to take your exam.

The Computing Fundamentals course covers topics that will benefit you beyond your exam preparation. Have fun and good luck!