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“The 10 Commandments of the PC Tech” with Mike Meyers

Before watching “The 10 Commandments of the PC Tech” clip at the end of this post, here’s a pre-story written by the Alpha Geek himself, Mike Meyers.


Be careful about what you say in front of those whacky LearnKey productions guys- you never know what they’re going to do with it.

Case in point:

As we were finishing up the LearnKey A+ shoot in Salt Lake City last October, I got into one of my tech rants. This particular rant started with me complaining that CompTIA isn’t going far enough in providing baby techs a grounding in the life skills necessary to function well, especially in a world filled with non-techs. Sure, I’m happy about the new communication objectives they offer. I’m also very pleased that CompTIA isn’t afraid to remind users to bathe, use deodorant and tuck in their shirts however, I wanted to discuss some of the huge lifestyle and work environment mistakes that techs are so prone to do- and that non-nerds love to joke about.

Of course, Ammon, Steve and Brad (the whacky LearnKey production team) aren’t the type of guys to let one of one of my rants go by quietly. They know how to push my buttons with clever phrases like “Yeah Mike! You’re right! Hey dude, sit here in this chair and tell us about them. Oh, let’s just put a touch of makeup on before we start. The lights? The camera? Uh, we’re just trying some new codec’s. Ignore them.” But, like the fool that I am I fell for their trap, and I proceeded to point my eyes straight at the camera and kick into full-bore rant mode.

So without further ado, here’s what those clever elves over at LearnKey did to my rant.


P.S. Anytime you hear me start a sentence with “I’m a nerd”, and you’re a nerd too, grab a pen and takes notes. Out of all the rants I’ve done, there’s always a gem or two in there somewhere. And if you’re a non-nerd and hear me start a sentence with “I’m a nerd”, run away as fast as you can or you’ll find yourself sucked into the murky depths of serious nerdom.

Are YOU a nerd? If so, kick back, relax and enjoy! And don’t forget to let us know what you think…

7 thoughts on ““The 10 Commandments of the PC Tech” with Mike Meyers”

  1. Let me start off by saying, “I’m a nerd!” or at least my wife says I’m a nerd. She absolutely hates it when I try and explain something technical to her. Because like Mike says, “Don’t Tech-no babble…,” thats all I know how to do. LearnKey, “Do you have any training on how to explain technical things in plain english?” Maybe I need to create some courseware that will help with that. I know that my wife would appreciate it.

    Good job Mike. I always enjoy your rants. I guess that’s why I had the crew turn on the camera as we were discussing this stuff!

  2. I am definately not a nerd- at least not in the ‘technical’ sense and to be honest, I’m far FAR from it (I consider myself one of the most computer illiterate people on the planet). But I’m definately in training and have hopes to become the biggest computer nerd around!

    I’m so glad LearnKey is helping me to meet that goal.

    Nerdom here I come!! YIPPEE!!

  3. By the way, loved the video! Hil.ar.i.ous! Thanks Mike and those wacky production guys 🙂 It made my day!

  4. I’ve referenced this post in my blog. What a cool video. Great job Mike and LearnKey production staff. I was there when you did a lot of the post work on this and, wow, you did a great job in the final product!

  5. This video was a lot of fun to make. Not only did it test our creative skills with Adobe Photoshop and AfterEffects, but it tested my acting skills as well…or at least my skills at making faces.

    Speaking as a nerd, I believe there are things to be learned for everyone from these simple 10 principles. I, for one, constantly see my wife’s eyes glaze over when I start talking about anything related to graphic design. I think technobabble is not exclusive to the various facets of nerdom, but can apply to all types of careers and interests. Personally, my eyes glaze over when people start talking sports…

  6. You have two choices…either listen and learn from Mike’s experience or learn the hard way. Defiantly never offer unsolicited tech support. My friend had a virus problem. He also had no antivirus program. After spending hours for free on a his computer, reformatting, loading the OS, reinstalling his software and installing antivirus and antispyware…he complained that I slowed down his computer!

  7. Great Job, Alpha Geek!

    Yes, social skills are very necessary in this world. Nobody likes to be talked down to, and nobody wants to be around somebody who smells bad. 😮

    I know I’m going to keep learning. It may take two solid years but I’m going to tackle the MCITP Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support certification. I’m going for Security+ 2008 come January when funds are available.

    Darn, you don’t have any Security+ vouchres available on your website. Oh well, I guess I’ve got to shag mu butt over to CompTIA… 🙂

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