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Veteran benefits provide certifications and new job skills through LearnKey courseware

I just want to write a few words about a friend of mine that I met through our VA vocational rehabilitation program. Chris and I were introduced over this last summer when he began using the LearnKey program to advance his IT career. At the time, he was working in an IT role, but in a limited, part time position. Over several months of interaction, I have come to think of Chris as a friend as our whole group has been following his progress and cheering his success. In January, I was able to meet Chris face to face as he came into our recording studio to shoot a testimonial video. It was a great experience to get better acquainted and to learn that Chris served as a combat engineer in Baghdad, the same role in which my father served during WW2.

It was an eye opener for me to hear Chris tell of his other training experiences from the VA. Chris had earned two other certifications before being introduced to LearnKey but he had to retake those exams as the other training programs didn’t prepare him as well as he needed. Because of this, Chris told me that he was nervous when he took his first certification exam after using the LearnKey program. Fortunately, our program includes a number of tools which let you know when you are ready to test and when you aren’t. With some surprise / relief, he said: “Here I am, taking the certification exam and the first few questions were easy. So, I was thinking that the questions were going to get a lot harder, but they didn’t… I was getting close to finishing the test and I still had a lot of time left on the clock…” He went on to tell me that the LearnKey programs gave him everything he needed, where other programs promised a lot, but then fell short.

I have always believed in what we do here at LearnKey as I used these programs before joining the team (A+, Network+, Security+ and CWNA). It is so nice to hear and see the success of others from all over the country – it’s really the most rewarding part of what I do here.