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LearnKey Launches OnlineExpert v6

Recently we launched the new version of our leaning management system, OnlineExpert v6. This new LMS features a totally redesigned and reworked interface, making several improvements to speed up and streamline managing your users.

Visit the OnlineExpert v6 info site for an interactive feature guide and more information about the new interface. You can read the full press release below:

LearnKey Launches Redesigned Learning Management System, OnlineExpert V6

St. George, UT- August 15, 2011- LearnKey, a global provider of self-paced training, proudly announces the release of OnlineExpert V6, their recently redesigned learning management system.

The redesign has been two years in the making, LearnKey considered only making the minor adjustments that had been suggested by customers, but decided to take the opportunity to redesign the whole learning management system (LMS) to further meet the needs of end users. After a lot of hard work from the team, the following features have been added to OnlineExpert V6:

  • Improved layout – An updated design and streamlined interface make the LMS easier to use.
  • Quick Launch – A navigation tool to help new or current administrators go directly to the most frequently visited areas of the LMS.
  • Additional Reporting options – Course Completion certificates, Not Started and Not Passed indicators, and many more.
  • Video Clip Times – Allows the administrator to pull up specific video clip run-times for each course title. This will help teachers with lesson planning and employee professional development programs.
  • Search- A new version of search that allows administrators to search for a specific user.

Many of these features came as a direct result of the client services team really listening to customers and trying to improve the platform.

“Our users want value through smart systems along with ease of use and this release delivers that along with much more,” said John Clemons founder and CEO.

Although there was a redesign the fundamentals of OnlineExpert are still apparent. OnlineExpert remains a comprehensive and complete learning platform, providing the same quality content that LearnKey is known for along with support and tools to ensure success. User experience has always been a high priority and the redesign was completed to ensure users were getting the best possible experience.

The new version of OnlineExpert is available now at www.onlineexpert.com. For more information about the redesign of OnlineExpert please visit www.onlineexpert.com/v6 or call 800.865.0165.

About LearnKey:
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