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by jleany - Jul 20, 2010

MCTS, MCITP, MCSE and now MTA! This is just too much! I’m so confused. Where do I start?

MTA, Microsoft Technology Associate is now the first step in becoming certified on Microsoft Software. The MTA designation identifies you as someone who has fundamental knowledge in Microsoft technology. In Microsoft’s opinion, earning the MTA certification in one of the technology areas; Server Administration, Network, Security, Software Development, Windows Development, Web Development and Database Administration; will help you stand out when you apply to a college or technology internship. In my opinion, this is Microsoft’s way of competing with other certification vendors of foundation level certifications like CompTIA and CIW for your business. Either way you look at it, an MTA is a great place to go if you are just starting out on your certification journey. Each of the 7 MTA certifications cover a specific set of principles and standards that when learned and mastered will give you a great advantage when applying for a technology based career or moving up the certification ladder.

The nice thing about LearnKey’s Server Administration Fundamentals course is it really fills a big gap in the Microsoft certifications. Microsoft’s MCTS certifications just kind of throw you in there. And they assume that you understand the basics of using a windows system at all much less s Windows server and you know how to get around and how to work with things like the Microsoft Management Console and Server Manager and so forth. And they just trust you to get in there and learn the new stuff just for that specific MCTS exam. The MTA starts you at the beginning and helps you understand these concepts from the very beginning. So it’s a great place to start for those individuals that are new to the industry”

– Tom Carpenter,

Post written by Ammon Wiese- Learnkey’s Instructional Design Manager

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