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Famed Investor: Remote Work- “It’s potentially an earthquake”

Remote work is not new to me or a lot of people but the pandemic sure had an impact. Like many companies we adapted and learned along the way, and at the exact same time our corporate consulting division, Know Your Talents, was also in the process of rolling out: Know me. Grow me. Include me. Inspire me., our four pillars that enhances culture and optimizes performance at every level of an organization.

So after reading Marc Andreessen’s recent article/podcast where he talks about remote work – “It’s potentially an earthquake,” I have to agree with him 100% and that is not in a bad way. “It’s potentially one of those things that in a hundred years, people could look back and say, ‘That was a real turning point for how society developed.'” Andreessen goes on to say he’s excited by that idea, adding that “if everybody could still have access to great knowledge-work jobs online, maybe that’s a fundamentally better way to live.”

Now the question becomes how do you do that? Ensure people have the right process, tools and technology so they can work effectively remotely, be part of a successful culture, where their skills are up to date now and in the future.

Now is also not the time to scale back on investing in talent, this article on retaining and growing a workforce even with a potential recession in 2022 is smart thinking in my mind. A skilled remote workforce is inevitable for almost every company in one way shape or form. Let’s look back and say when remote work became an earthquake we conquered it.