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Company culture: One-on-ones validate – Employees want to grow

During our June all-hands video call I promised to complete one-on-ones with every employee who does not report directly to me. My goal was to ask four questions to each employee so I could get consistent feedback on what was working, what needed to improve, and what other learning experiences have they had along the way during their tenure with LearnKey and Know Your Talents.

Always be listening

The feedback has been amazing and truly listening to the voice of the employee is something that through these one-on-ones will help us get better. Plus, we have implemented some improved tools for specific departments and are working on a few others. Our leadership team works hard to develop a growth-oriented company culture that is focused on always wanting to get better. I was really proud of the feedback employees shared about the strong relationships they have with their peers and leaders. The word “respect” is big in our company.

The process was easy as I was following what we do for our customers through the four pillars of our Enterprise Development Solution (two specifically): “Know me. Grow me.” It made the conversation much more engaging. Every employee has taken a Proscan, so we learn about each other’s behaviors/talents, and it was nice to leverage that in conversations around benefits it has to collaboration, being flexible, and respecting why change and/or communication can be much more effective in different ways for different people.

One of the biggest things that jumped out at me was how every employee really wanted to learn other team members’ behavior so they could communicate and support each other more. Less about them and more about the team.

Another important benefit was the reminder of keeping a pulse on our established company culture of learning. Meaning never stop promoting all of the resources we have to our very own employees so they can gain more skills.

Last but not least, was the wonderful feeling of gratitude because we really do have an awesome team.