Ohio ACTE. Wouldn’t it be great?

by Nathan Darling - Sep 02, 2009

Wouldn’t it be great if the teachers, counselors, and administrators responsible for our children’s education would get together and discuss ways to help students pursue their educational and career passions?  Wouldn’t it be great if it were happening in Ohio, on Sept 18?  Wouldn’t it be great if LearnKey was there?  Life is great!


Managing Disagreements course Saved my Marriage!

by Nathan Darling - Aug 31, 2009

A bath in Cheerio’s can relieve itching from chicken pox, poison ivy, or even sunburns.  Rubbing French’s Mustard into your hands can relieve the symptoms of arthritis.  Rub a dollop of Jif Peanut Butter into bubblegum, to remove bubblegum that gets stuck in your hair.  And here’s one more product that does more than it was originally intended.  LearnKey’s Managing Disagreements course saved my marriage.

(I am the one wearing Orange)

(See, there we are. Boy she sure looks blue.)

Here’s the thing. I was asked to write a blog about one of our training programs, and given cart blanche to choose whatever interested me.  I approached the assignment thinking I would pick A+ Certification, or Microsoft Office, you know something technically enriching.  As my eyes scanned the list of courses I happened upon one titled “Managing Disagreements.”

Perhaps I was a little biased because of the disagreement I had with my wife the day before, but this looked interesting.  After all, if I can learn to “manage” disagreements, I can learn to “win” them right?

Disclaimer : This training does not guarantee that you will win future arguments. It does not even teach you how to avoid them.  Nor will it necessarily save your marriage, as it did mine.

Somehow by taking a scientific approach to the causes behind disagreements, and identifying the 9 management styles, this course helps you understand yourself better.  Once you understand what is going on with you, it helps you to stay in control of yourself, and recognize the subconscious management styles of others, so that you can come to an accord more easily.  I doubt I would ever be allowed to claim this course can even provide marriage counseling, so I won’t say that.  I will say that my style of Maintaining did not mesh well with her style of Collaborating, and we were unable to get past it until I was able to find issues upon which I could Yield.

Look it over, it’s called Managing Disagreement (and it was probably originally meant for business manager to improve their interpersonal skills with their employees.)

Adobe Illustrator CS4 training…

by aranftl - Aug 26, 2009

Adobe Illustrator CS4 training is finally ready! Vector Graphic Artists Rejoice!

[video width="320" height="270" src="https://media.onlineexpert.com/vcast/web/1052823082978/1052823549064/subscription/Web_and_Graphic_Design/Illustrator_CS4/course_intro/course_intro.flv" /]

Neuroscience, and brain mapping…

by Colin - Aug 24, 2009

Neuroscience, and brain mappings. Sounds kinda like science fiction, but may lead to new and improved learning. https://tinyurl.com/mudcfn

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Welcome our newest partner Mile2

by Colin - Aug 20, 2009

goes the extra mile : https://bit.ly/3WA7e8. Welcome our newest partner Mile2.

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Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration MasterExam Released

by Colin - Aug 19, 2009

We just released the Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration MasterExam, a crucial step towards the MCTS, or the MCITP Certifications.

[video width="320" height="270" src="https://media.onlineexpert.com/vcast/web/1052823082978/1052823549064/subscription/Computer_Networking/Windows_Server_2008_Active_Directory_Config/Course_Overview_intro.flv" /]

“Learning is not compulsory …..

by Colin - Aug 17, 2009

“Learning is not compulsory … neither is survival.”

W Edwards Derning

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Looking for discounts on Learn…

by Colin - Aug 14, 2009

Looking for discounts on Learnkey products? Go to https://www.tjoos.com and do a search for Learnkey.

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is a member of the California …

by Colin - Aug 13, 2009

is a member of the California Business Education Association.

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The moment has arrived…the L…

by Colin - Aug 07, 2009

The moment has arrived…the LearnKey August Newsletter! https://www.learnkey.com/newsletter

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