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Serving Those Who Serve

I have only been at LearnKey for a short time, but I am very excited to have the opportunity to be working with veterans on a daily basis as part of the LearnKey Veteran Services team. Being a veteran myself and attending school full-time, I know how important it is to get an education and further your career.

When I first started at LearnKey my responsibility was to contact veterans who use our courseware and check on the status of their education twice a month. It was very rewarding for me to see the awesome changes in these veterans’ lives because of what they were learning from our courses. The more time I spent talking to them, the more excited I was about sharing the education resources we provide to my fellow battle buddies and all veterans. Now I have the opportunity to travel throughout the country seeking out veterans and spending time with them individually, introducing them to our exceptional educational programs.

Recently I had a really good experience with one of the veterans I have been working with. This veteran used to work in construction and had no background working with computers. He was able to get enrolled in one of our computer fundamentals programs and after working with him for several months his confidence in his computer skills rose enormously! He was able to get certified in all of our Microsoft Office products and now has the skills to work indoors, away from the elements. In his own words, “you guys have been awesome & thanks for being upstanding folks of the highest caliber, there’s hope for this country if only we had more people like you guys.” It’s experiences like this that make me excited to come to work every day.

I just want to reiterate how awesome it is to work with veterans every day and to help them not only with education but also employment. Our programs have been essential in helping veterans start their education, get certifications, and then get into a job!

There is one last benefit that I get from working with LearnKey and veterans, and that is the ability to stay in contact with the veterans I work with for years to come! We have a program called Certify for Life which offers free coursework updates at the request of any veteran who has been certified in a specific course for the rest of their life! (Visit LearnKey Veteran Services for more information)

Helping to groom veterans from start to finish through education and employment has made a difference in me; I am serving those who served, like me. So often our veterans will spend time overseas on deployments and return home only to find that some of the skills they used in the military have no use in civilian work. When I am able to find a veteran and turn their life around and help them get a job it just makes it all worth it!