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LearnKey provides Know Your Talents course to Middle School students and staff

You know those times when you are a part of something good and it makes you feel proud to be a part of it? Today is one of those days. LearnKey announced that we will be offering our Know Your Talents course ($50 value) free to Middle School students, teachers, and counselors. How awesome is that? This course will help students understand their talents and behaviors, while teachers and counselors will learn how to maximize a students learning and enjoyment by understanding behavior.

You are probably wondering why we are doing this.

Did you know that more than 500,000 children drop out of high school each year? When I see this number I think about all of the opportunities, experience, and growth these children will miss out on as a result of their choice. Recent studies show that proactive measures can be taken during middle school years that can dramatically decrease the likelihood of a student dropping out during high school. We see it as our responsibility to do something about the problem.

I would like to offer everyone the opportunity join us at LearnKey to become part of the solution. If you are a teacher or counselor call the information below and receive your free course. If you know a teacher or counselor, pass this information on to them.

To take advantage of this offer call 1-800-865-0165 or email clientservices@learnkey.com

You can view a preview of Know Your Talents below, or read the full press release for more information