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The numbers above may seem cryptic to some, but those familiar with Microsoft’s Certification Exams will likely recognize the format.  This particular combination of numbers refers to the most recent Windows 7 exam. : TS Windows 7 Configuring.  This is the nuts and bolts.  How to install, deploy, and upgrade to Windows 7; how to use existing hardware to connect, maintain, recover and functionally use Windows 7 in a network environment, and how to check for compatibility in place upgraded hardware is required.  Useful information for anyone from a home network enthusiast, to a network admin, the certification itself and skills neccessary to use Windows 7 effectively are geared specifically towards IT professionals.

None of this is really news, or rather it is all old news.  Windows 7 has been out for months now, and the 70-680 exam was released back in July of 09.  The news is that our training program for this exam is due to release in early February.   The qualifications for this exam state that candidates should have one year of experience in the IT industry.  The training is designed to provide in just a few hours, the same level of expertise as a year in the field (or at least enough to pass the exam).  The course is taught by industry expert, and fan favorite Tom Carpenter, who has trained over 27,000 professionals since 1997.  Watch for the TS Windows 7: Configuring exam to be released soon…and for those of you who are not IT professionals and simply want to get a better idea how to use Windows 7, we will be releasing a course on that in the next few months.

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