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Getting America Back to work.

Despite the high unemployment rate in the United States, there are more than 450,000 IT job openings in the country.  If you look around carefully you may see that it’s not a matter of not enough jobs to go around, it is a matter of not enough qualified and trained individuals to fill the jobs that are.  Police, Medical Practitioners, Instructors, and as noted above IT jobs are going unfilled. It is into this atmosphere that CompTIA, Industry leader in technical certifications, selflessly rushes in with thier “ Initiative”.  

A simple four-step process evaluates potential recruits, provides certification opportunities, and helps them find jobs. If the applicants cannot afford to pay for the training (as many can’t because, hello. Recession) CompTIA has a limited scholarship program in place to help as many as it can.

They provide vouchers, test prep, and training(ref. LearnKey), to help folks prepare for the jobs to be had.  Starting in July of 2007, CompTIA trained 126 people in it’s first year.  In 2008 over 200 were trained, and by October of ’09 over 750 applicants had received training.

LearnKey in partnership with ExamForce has donated 50 online training seats (an $8,000 value) to CompTIA’s ““Creating Futures” program.  We hope this helps you personally in your job search, and in doing so we know it will help America.

If  you are in a good financial position right now, and are not looking for a job, perhaps you would be interested in donating to the cause?  There is a link where you can do so from the application page.

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