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My Certification Journey

Screenshot of LearnKey's Word 2010 Training
Yeah! I finally dove into my Word 2010 training and I am so excited because I have already learned so many great new tricks in just the first session. If you are like me sure you can function in Word, but you are not necessarily the most efficient in the program, well that is the great thing about our training because not only is it preparing you for a certification exam you also learn shortcuts and new tricks that will help you be more efficient. There is a new File tab in this version that replaces the Office Button, which is probably the biggest layout change.

I  have some tricks to share with you for Word 2010:

  • Double click anywhere on the page to start typing, no need to press enter and tab a hundred times
  • Hold down the control and end button to take you to the end of a document
  • Control and home will take you back to the top of the page
  • Control and the up arrow will take you to each paragraph

Let me know if you have any questions about my certification journey or Word 2010 and I will try to answer them.