Training After the Recession

by Allacyn - Jul 23, 2011

Hopefully by now the recession is working its way behind us, and now many trainers have the task of piecing together training programs that have suffered cuts. Many companies cut training throughout the recession, and now the training department has to figure out what their programs will look like going forward. Now that budgets are bouncing back, it is important to remember the recession moving forward.

It might be an automatic reaction to want to simply move back into the old ways and old habits, but it is important to remember not to. If recessions teach us anything, it’s how to do more with less, so one idea moving forward with your new budgets is to keep costs down and increase your course offerings with video-based training, instead of going back to in-person delivery methods. Many companies made cuts to travel and moved toward video-based training when the recession was at it’s worst, but it is important to consider video-based training moving forward as a more permanent program rather than a temporary fix.

You will continue to need new training in the future, and as the economy recovers and your company increases production, the demand for new training will increase. Retaining and improving your training program can send a message to employees that their development is important to the company. It also gives them the sense of control when they are able to choose courses that interest them. In an age where job benefits are scarce, it’s the little freedoms that really count, and they show your employees that you have their interests in mind as well as your own.

We’re constantly updating our course catalog, so if you’re a current customer, feel free to give us a call to see if we have anything new to offer. The beauty of our delivery system, is that we have anyone from individual users, to small businesses, to entire school districts using our courseware, so it’s definitely scalable for anyone’s needs.

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