Silicon Valley Adds Haircuts to Benefits Packages

by Allacyn - Mar 29, 2011

Yes, you read that right. Recruiting competition in the Silicon Valley has become intense, and this is making companies and start-ups across the valley begin to add unique things to their benefits packages. There is a shortage of engineers, programmers and developers that lack the skills the companies are looking for, and this has created a cutthroat environment for getting quality recruits. Giants like Google have stuck with tried and true incentives like hiking the wages for these positions by $20,000 in recent months, where others have resorted to the strange like one company offering free haircuts as an added benefit.

Another approach that is different is offering recruits information and future funds to start their own businesses one day. Many start-ups have realized that most of the qualified candidates for these positions are entrepreneurial and have hopes to start their own companies. To stay competitive many companies are even letting employees view product plans and financials to learn what it takes to build a business.

So, if the money isn’t enough to convince you to study up for those industry certifications, are extra benefits and incentives the tipping point? It all comes down to the fact that these companies need qualified people to fill open positions, and a good certification might just earn you competitive pay, and maybe some free haircuts too!

Do you currently have a job that offers some not-so-traditional benefits? Let us know in the comments!

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