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New Release: Dreamweaver CS5

LearnKey released our Dreamweaver Cs5 for Mac Course this week (I think I just heard a collective cheer from website designers and wannabe designers all over the world) and in celebration we have a promo for you to checkout.

Debbie Berg is back to teach us all the tips and tricks on how to become masters of Dreamweaver CS5. Debbie even shares some of the tips in the promo!  Debbie says this course is perfect for anyone who wants to design a website because you will learn how to layout and design webpages, learn how to use CSS, and learn how to upload and publish websites. For more information, visit our Dreamweaver CS5 product page

One thought on “New Release: Dreamweaver CS5”

  1. I have been working on dreamweaver with a wordpress site. I changed the theme and the started using “Inspect”. But the CSS features are locked.

    Can anyone tell me why?

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