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Answer the question correctly in the comments to be eligible to win . Once you’ve submitted the answer in your comment, we’ll have a drawing and randomly pick a winner. The winner, who will be contacted via email by a LearnKey staff member, will be posted next Thursday, along with a new trivia question for the week.

Here’s the question:

In Flash, why is the “tween” function called “tween”?

This week’s prize: A $5 Starbucks Gift Card OR a LK-branded Flash Drive- your choice!


Contest run time: Thursday August 12th- Wednesday August 18th

Winner posted: Thursday August 19th

Only North American residents are eligible to win prize *

*In order to receive prize notification, you must provide a valid email address with your comment*

2 thoughts on “LearnKey Giveaway”

  1. I know, I know, I can’t win because I’m an employee, but just had to throw the answer out there. The term “tween” goes back to the days of traditional animation. Where there are first key-frames, which were the major points of action, and then the frames between the key-frames were the “in-betweens” which was later shortened to “tween.”

  2. the Tween function morphs one object into another. When you use the function, you pick the beginning and end shapes and Flash generates all the shapes needed in between.

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