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What it’s like in our Production Studio!

We’ve been having a lot a people inquiring about our production studio and what it’s like for the Experts when they come and film here at LearnKey. Of course every shoot is a little different from one another, but typically, here’s the layout…

Monday morning around 8:00 am the author usually arrives at our LK site in Salt Lake City, Utah. Once they meet the crew and get settled in a little, we go ahead and start with the wardrobe, hair and make up. Once an outfit that looks best with our set has been decided, the author is then turned over to the Director. The Director then does a screen test to ensure that all looks well from a visual standpoint. Then it’s time to discuss the curriculum of the specific course- which is where our Instructional Designer comes into play. The Author and the Instructional Designer review the course’s syllabus and all of the objectives that are going to be covered. Once this has been approved, it’s go time!

Here’s a fun little clip featuring our Word 2010 Expert Mandi Bergenfeld and her experience her at the LK studio!