Congratulations to the LearnKey Scholarship Winners

by Colin - May 26, 2010

I am very excited to announce Tori Glass from Ore City High School and Ontonio Colon from Roberto Clemente Community Academy as the winners of the 4th Annual LearnKey Scholarship Program. Tori was certified in Photoshop CSA and Ontonio completed A+ Certification 2009. Congratulations Tori and Ontonio.

Thank you to all of the schools, teachers, and students who participated in this year’s program, making it another successful year. The participating schools were Ore City High School, Roberto Clemente Community Academy, and Warren Easton Charter High School.

For any readers not familiar with the Scholarship Program here is a summary of the process:

To be entered in the program schools had to fill out an application and meet a couple of requirements. The first requirement was having a teacher willing to oversee the program, keeping students on track and making sure deadlines were met. The next requirement was that the school had 10 students eligible to participate. The school selection was based on the social and economic needs of the schools along with the problem statement expressed in the application. After the three schools were picked it was up to the students to get everything completed on time.

Students first had to choose a path they wanted to pursue and get certified in. Then LearnKey provided the students with the training for the path they selected. They had to complete the training program and test prep. Once the students passed the test with 80% or more LearnKey provided free industry certification vouchers. After students had their certification they had to submit an essay explaining the benefits of the training and how the certification will help the students in the future. Winners were chosen based on the completion of all requirements.

Since the start of the program in 2006 LearnKey has awarded a total of over $10,000 to students across the country, but the rewarding part for us is seeing students get industry certified, gaining knowledge and skills that they can take with them as they continue their educations and careers. Supporting the ultimate goal of the Scholarship Program and the reason it was started.

Watch for the announcement of our 5th Annual Scholarship Program coming in late summer. Right now we are working on making some changes to improve the Program for next year. Please share with us any ideas you have on how we can improve the Program.

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