Newest Employee of the month leverages what we do!

by Jeff - Jul 29, 2014

Aaron Colburn

Not only is Aaron Colborn the newest addition to our LearnKey film and edit team in Salt Lake City, he is also this month’s recipient of our Better Learning Systems Employee of the Month award. Several qualities resonate to the top of what impressed us most about his accomplishments and their alignment to our core values around ease, value, and trust

In just five (5) short months he has become certified in Adobe’s Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator CS6.  He is extremely easy to work with, values his co-workers, and has won over the trust of the entire leadership team. Here’s what his manager had to say during his nomination:

“As you can see Aaron is a very goal-oriented employee by taking advantage of what we do, which is produce certification training. He set his sights on these certifications early on and passed them in a very short amount of time.  He is a work horse.  I can always count on Aaron to meet or beat extremely strict deadlines while maintaining a high quality product.  Aaron brings more than 10 years of experience of editing and shooting to our team.  His experience allows him to help others on his team who are looking to add that pop or creative flair to the project.  We are thrilled to have Aaron on our team!”

Take a moment to ready more about Aaron and his life outside of LearnKey:

1. How many siblings do you have?

I have one older brother who is much smarter than me, but not nearly as handsome. And I smell better.

2. What is your favorite movie?

Anyone who knows me knows that is probably the hardest question that I can be asked. But if I had to narrow it down to one it would be Pulp Fiction, with Boogie Nights as a close second.

3. What is your favorite band?

Again, a tough one, but probably either Radiohead or Pink Floyd.

4. What is your favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere with a beach and booze.

5. What was your high school’s mascot?

A grizzly bear. RAWR! Scaaaarrryyyy!!!

6. What is the weirdest combination of foods you have eaten?

Fried fish eyes. They explode like Gushers (the candy) when you bite down.

7. What is/was the name of your favorite pet?

Bender was the best and weirdest cat I have ever had. He passed away 3 years ago. 🙁

8. What was your first car?

A 1973 Dodge Dart. It was more power than a 17 year old should have.

9. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?


10. Would you rather sky dive, bungee jump, zip line, or parasail?

I want to skydive into your heart.

11. What is the funniest saying you have heard working here?

“I’m all teeth and boogers.” – Liz McEuen

12. If you could eat dinner with anyone from the past, present, or future, who would it be and why?

I would have dinner with Stanley Kubrick — at Chuck-A-Rama because their mashed potatoes are delicious!!!


Please join me in congratulating Aaron and congratulations on your Adobe certifications and believing in what we do!

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LearnKey 2014 Course Retirement Announcement

by Beau - Jul 23, 2014

In our attempt to continually provide our customers with the best learning experience we occasionally have to retire old outdated courseware. See our list below of courses that will be retired at the end of 2014.

Course Product ID Suggested Replacement Product ID
.NET Security for Developers Part 1 372621 No Replacement  
.NET Security for Developers Part 2 372681 No Replacement  
.NET Security for Developers Series 372771 No Replacement  
Acrobat 7.0 660661 Acrobat 9 Pro… 661231
ADO.NET for Developers Part 1 372131 No Replacement  
ADO.NET for Developers Part 2 372511 No Replacement  
ADO.NET for Developers Series 372531 No Replacement  
ASP for Developers 370231 No Replacement  
ASP.NET 2.0 Web Application Development QR 373171 No Replacement  
ASP.NET for Developers 371891 No Replacement  
ASP.NET for Developers Part 1 371301 No Replacement  
ASP.NET for Developers Part 2 371741 No Replacement  
ASP.NET Web Services Fundamentals 372551 No Replacement  
Building a Respectable, Productive Workplace Base Kit 061512 No Replacement  
C# for Developers 371581 No Replacement  
C# with ASP.NET for Developers 373011 No Replacement  
California Preventing Sexual Harassment 061351 Preventing Sexual… 061381
CISSP Access Control Systems & Methodology 2008 150521 CISSP Access Con… 151491
CISSP Applications Security 2008 150591 CISSP Software Dev… 151351
CISSP Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning 2008 150561 CISSP Bus. Cont… 151431
CISSP Certification Series 2008 150501 CISSP Series 151301
CISSP Cryptography 2008 150531 CISSP Cryptography… 151371
CISSP Information Security & Risk Management 2008 150511 CISSP Info. Sec… 151331
CISSP Law, Regulation, Compliance, & Investigations 2008 150611 CISSP Legal, Reg… 151451
CISSP Operations Security 2008 150601 CISSP Op. Security… 151411
CISSP Physical (Environmental) Security 2008 150541 CISSP Physical Sec… 151471
CISSP Security Architecture & Design 2008 150551 CISSP Security Arch… 151391
CISSP Telecommunications & Network Security 2008 150621 CISSP Tele. & Net… 151311
COM+ for Developers 370621 No Replacement  
Convergence+ 102821 No Replacement  
Database Specialist Design 620161 Database Design… 620341
Database Specialist Series 620251 No Replacement  
Database Specialist Using JDBC 2.0 620231 No Replacement  
Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash Integration 371941 No Replacement  
Exchange Server 2003 Design 510341 Ex. Ser. 2010 Des… 280611
Exchange Server 2003 Implementation 510461 Ex. Ser. 2010 Config… 280421
Exchange Server 2003 Series 510521 No Replacement  
HTML for Developers 370331 No Replacement  
IC3: Internet and Computing Core Certification (2005) 630531 IC³ GS4 631191
IC3: Internet and Computing Core Certification (2005) Spanish 630531 IC³ GS4 Spanish 631331
IC3: Internet and Computing Core Certification Professional 630611 No Replacement  
Implementing Unified Wireless Networks 563841 No Replacement  
Internet Business Associate 631081 No Replacement  
ISA Server 2004 170141 No Replacement  
J2EE for Developers 371431 No Replacement  
J2SE for Developers 372781 No Replacement  
La Prevención de Acoso Sexual en el Lugar de Trabajo 2005 061491SP No Replacement  
La Prevención de Acoso Sexual… – California 061381SP No Replacement  
Learning Windows XP 680181 Learning Windows 7 630891
Medical Billing 500371 No Replacement  
Medical Coding 500361 No Replacement  
Medical Terminology 500351 No Replacement  
Modern Automotive Service Technician (MAST) 500381 No Replacement  
My Money Plan Bundle/Series 550352 Financial Literacy 101 550161
My Money Plan 550281 Financial Literacy 101 550161
Office 2003 Macros 200881 Excel 2013 Formulas 203011
Office XP Integration 670601 No Replacement  
Office XP Professional Series 670531 No Replacement  
Photoshop CS Photo Restoration 660581 No Replacement  
Photoshop CS Tips & Tricks 660541 No Replacement  
Premiere 660241 Premiere Pro CS6 140771
Project Management Professional® 2009 Certification Prep 190631 PMP® 2014 190511
QuickBooks 550111 QuickBooks 2011 550451
Security+ 2008 150631 Security+ 2011 151141
Server Administrator  650281 No Replacement  
The ADA and Disability Law 071341 ADA – Meet. the Req… 061801
Understanding Visual Studio .NET  441281 No Replacement  
VB.NET 1.2 for Developers Part 1 440851 No Replacement  
VB.NET 1.2 for Developers Part 2 441031 No Replacement  
VB.NET 1.2 for Developers Part 3 441151 No Replacement  
VB.NET 1.2 for Developers Series 441331 No Replacement  
Virtual Infrastructure Administrator 280231 No Replacement  
Visual Basic .NET Fundamentals for Developers 441291 No Replacement  
Visual Studio/Visual Basic .NET Fundamental Series 441331 No Replacement  
Windows 2000 Skills Update 601321 No Replacement  
Windows Support Technician MCITP Series 683761 No Replacement  
Windows XP MCDST Certification Series 681511 No Replacement  
XML Essentials for Developers 371041 No Replacement  
XML Foundations for Developers 372311 No Replacement  
XML in Java for Developers 372871 No Replacement  
XML with SQL Server 2000 for Developers 371111 No Replacement  
XML.NET for Developers 372431 No Replacement  
Implementing IOS Network Security 563921 Net. Security Imp… 564131
Implementing VoIP 563781 No Replacement  
SharePoint Services 3.0 Configuration 201381 No Replacement  
SQL Server 2005 Designing Infrastructure and Security 411851 SQL Serv. 2008 Des… 412421
SQL Server 2005 Implementing a Database 411721 SQL Serv. 2008 Imp… 412341
SQL Server 2005 Maintaining a Database 411661 SQL Serv. 2008 Imp… 412341
SQL Server 2005 Optimizing and Maintaining Database Solutions 411971 SQL Serv. 2008 Des… 412421
SQL Server 2005 Writing Queries 411781 No Replacement  
Windows Server 2003 Active Directory & Network Infrastructure Design 680821 Windows Server 2008  
Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure 680531 Windows Server 2008  
Windows Server 2003 Implementing Network Infrastructure 680351 Windows Server 2008  
Windows Server 2003 Managing a Network Environment 680411 Windows Server 2008  
Windows Server 2003 Managing a Net. Env. – R2 Update 681971 Windows Server 2008  
Windows Server 2003 Planning Network Infrastructure 680471 Windows Server 2008  
Windows Server 2003 Security Design 681051 No Replacement  
Windows Server 2003 Security Implementation 681091 No Replacement  
Windows Vista and Office 2007 Deployment 682181 No Replacement  
Windows Vista Client Enterprise Support 682041 Windows 7 EDST 683951
Windows Vista Configuration 682111 Windows 7 Config… 683881
Windows XP Professional 680071 No Replacement  
Windows XP Troubleshooting Desktop Applications 681451 Windows 7 EDST 683951
Windows XP Troubleshooting Windows 681351 Windows 7 Config… 683881

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New Course Release – Premiere Pro CC

by Beau - Jul 23, 2014

Joining Photoshop CC our newest course Premiere CC was released last week. Those who take our Premiere Pro CC course will feel prepared to take the Premiere Pro ACA exam and have access to hundreds of pre/post questions long with relevant labs and demos that will help students practice what they are learning and become familiar with the newest features of Premiere Pro CC.

Premiere Pro CC

Those who are interested in a career in video and audio production need to have a working knowledge and practical experience in Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC software. This course will teach you how to effectively use the new Premiere Pro CC software, allowing you to edit video and audio more effectively and efficiently. LearnKey expert Ryan James will teach you how to customize the program, helping your workflow fly. He will also teach you how to use the new features found in Premiere Pro CC. Among these new features are: New Master Clip Effects, Live Text templates, and new masking and tracking capabilities.

Our hope is that through our courseware we may continually provide learners with the guidance, preparation, and skills they need to succeed.


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From Little Things – Word 2013 ASL

by Wyett - Jul 08, 2014

I’ve often heard it said that, “from little things, great things grow.” Such was the case with LearnKey’s Word 2013 ASL course. While attending the ACTE convention in Las Vegas last December a chance encounter with an educator interested in online training for her deaf students became that “little thing.”

On the production side of LearnKey we’re always looking for ways to improve our product, ways to make it more useful for our users, and more efficient to produce. After the convention in Vegas I was asked to explore the possibility of producing a course in American Sign Language. It is challenges like these—challenges of the unexplored—that inspire our team. As the team wrapped up a busy production year and prepared for a relaxing holiday season we felt like we had outlined the needs from a process standpoint. We had chosen our course (Word 2013), we had figured out the logistics of incorporating an interpreter into the video, we had the transcript for the course, we had even come up with several options for making the filming process relatively simple; all we needed now was an interpreter.

Enter Amelia Williams.

Honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect when searching for an interpreter. I have spent the last several years searching out experts in various computer fields for LearnKey’s projects and in some ways that is relatively simple—at least from the finding someone who is certified aspect. For this search I started where I always start with a new project; I talked with people I knew who knew more about this than I. Cedar City is home to the Utah Shakespeare Festival. I have had the opportunity to attend several of the plays in years past and as chance would have it I have attended shows with sign language interpreters. I reached out to the Festival and was given contact information for Amelia Williams. I reached out via email and hoped for the best. I had no idea how “best” this would turn out to be.

Amelia Williams

Amelia and I corresponded via email several times and she expressed an interest in the project and agreed to a phone call to further explore what LearnKey was looking for. Now, it should be stated at this point that I have a tendency to get pretty passionate about the projects we do and this project had become one that I was very excited about. Needless to say I was somewhat giddy when I spoke with Amelia on the phone. She was kind enough to look past my overenthusiastic pitch and see the value in the course we wanted to produce. She agreed to work with LearnKey to put together a 20 minute proof-of-concept to see if producing a course in ASL would even be viable.

In the time it took her to prepare the material I had the opportunity to become more educated about what it takes to be an interpreter. I had never considered that there were certifications for interpreters—I suppose I had simply never put any thought in that direction. I learned that it isn’t easy to become certified. It is a rigorous and oftentimes expensive process. I learned that there are national and state-level certifications that can consist of written tests, interviews, and performance tests. It wasn’t until I had this basic understanding that I realized how fortunate we were to find Amelia who holds both state and national certifications.

There was a great deal of energy in the studio when time for filming the proof finally rolled around. The studio crew was excited to try something new as was Amelia. With very little fuss all was set and the camera was rolling. Within the first 30 seconds, without saying anything, we all knew we had something special. We were so sure about this project that before Amelia left the studio we had booked her to film the remaining portions of the course.

From a chance conversation in Las Vegas convention center grew our first course in American Sign Language. We’re proud of Word 2013 ASL and are looking forward to our next foray into ASL.

Amelia Williams holds a Master of Education Degree, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Certificate of Interpretation (CI) & Certificate of Transliteration (CT) national certifications, and is a Certified Utah Professional interpreter. Her current position is Disability Specialist/ASL Interpreter Coordinator at Weber State University.

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Soccer and Certification

by Wyett - Jul 03, 2014

For nearly 30 years Cedar City has played host to the Utah Summer Games. For the past several years I’ve wanted to participate in the 3×3 soccer tournament, but for any number of “convenient” reasons it has never quite come together—couldn’t find enough players to field a team, going to be out of town, had other plans—things of that nature.


This year the planets aligned and I was able to participate with a team of fellow LearnKey employees. Now, in the interest of full disclosure I should state that I am somewhat past my prime when it comes to my soccer playing days, in fact I would dare say that I was in contention for being the oldest player in the tournament. Full disclosure part II—we would be playing in a division made up of players 17 years-old and older. Due to the number of teams in the tournament the Open and Intermediate divisions were combined which meant that we would be playing some pretty decent teams and not the weekend warriors that we were anticipating.

We were able to practice as a team only three times prior to competition and during one of those practices I had cramped up so bad in my right leg as to hardly be able to kick the ball much less run after it—it was shaping up to be a stellar tournament.

The Friday of our first game (we were guaranteed three) we were pretty excited and a little nervous. We played somewhat haphazardly during the first half of the game—running about without coordinating our efforts and generally just playing poorly. We got our act together by the second half and played a much better game—though still coming out on the losing end. It should be noted, however, that the opposing team did go on to win the tournament undefeated.

We ended up playing four more games. With each game we played better. With each game we gained confidence. With each game we enjoyed ourselves more and more. We finished the tournament with a silver medal in the Intermediate (“consolation”) bracket and had an absolute ball (pun intended) doing so.

Team LearnKey

So what does this have to do with certification? A couple of things. First off, there will always be a reason to not do a certification. Second, proper preparation is essential. Finally, certification yields numerous rewards.

Honestly, we got lucky. We did play well, but we weren’t well prepared. However, we’re already planning for next year. We know what our strengths are as well as what we need to work on. The point is, we jumped in and tried. Sometimes it is overcoming that first step—just doing it—that can be the most daunting. Certification can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. Learn from our soccer mistakes and prepare, but above all—do it!

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New Course Release – Photoshop CC

by Beau - Jul 01, 2014

What’s new to Photoshop CC? Personally, I think that it is awesome that with Photoshop CC I will have access to updates or new features to Photoshop CC the day they are released. This means means that Photoshop CC users everywhere will always have the latest and greatest when it comes to Photoshop features. Those who take LearnKey’s Photoshop CC course will be prepared to take the Photoshop ACA Visual Communication exam and have access to hundreds of practice test questions along with relevant labs and demos to help students learn how to confidently use the newest features found in Photoshop CC.

Photoshop CC

Exam: ACA Visual Communication Certification

LearnKey’s new Photoshop CC course will introduce students to hundreds of new updates and features in the latest Photoshop update. Whether you are a graphic designer or a novice photographer you will learn how to edit photographs, images, or create logos and marketing pieces. LearnKey’s Photoshop CC course will teach students what they need to know in order to effectively and easily prepare to test  their skills through the ACA Visual Communication Certification exam.

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New Course Release – Word 2013 ASL

by Beau - Jul 01, 2014

Today we are excited to announce the release of our very first course that is presented in American Sign Language. Those who take this course will be able to view LearnKey’s Word 2013 ASL course taught by LearnKey expert Robin Posnack, with Amelia Williams signing the course from a pop-out screen. Those who take this course will be prepared to take exam 77-418 and have access to hundreds of practice and test questions along with relevant labs and demos to help students learn how to use Microsoft Word confidently.

Word 2013 ASL

Exam: 77-418

Students who are working towards becoming career ready must have a working knowledge of Word 2013. Computer expert Robin Posnack will teach you the basics of the software while Amelia Williams presents the course in American Sign language; from there, she will build on concepts and ideas until you have the software figured out. You will be prepared to create resumes, cover letters, newsletters and more. The course will also teach you how to create and manage documents and format text, paragraphs, and sections. Plus learn how to create tables and lists and insert and format objects.

Our hope is that through our courseware we may continually provide learners with the guidance, preparation, and skills they need to succeed.

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