QUIZ: “How would you handle these business situations?”

by jleany - May 28, 2010

For fun this morning I took the “How would you handle these business situations?” quiz on LearnKey’s website and I nailed it! Well to be honest, I nailed it all, minus one question- #4.

The question asks this:

You get a promotion! Good for you. But now you have to try and manage former friends who think they can take advantage of you. How do you deal with this?

a) You should be there for your friends. You would expect the same treatment if the situation was reversed.

b) Let your friends know that you can be friends when you are off the clock, but during company time you have no friends.

c) Talk to your friends. Let them know you are committed to your friendship and part of that commitment includes helping them keep  job and commitments and responsibilities so they too can be promoted, or at least not fired when you get transferred.

d) Fire them. This will serve as a good example that you should be respected and feared. Besides they have served their purpose, and it’s time for you to make new friends anyway.

Which one do you think it is?

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Help Wanted: Hackers

by jleany - May 27, 2010


This morning I read an interesting article that had much to do with what’s going on in our production studio. As mentioned in a previous post, we are currently filming the CCNA Security training featuring Tom Carpenter and this article, titled Help Wanted: Hackers, written by Annie Fisher with CNNMoney.com, couldn’t have fit more perfectly for this entry.

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CCNA Security Featuring Tom Carpenter

by jleany - May 26, 2010


Yesterday afternoon, Tom Carpenter arrived to our production studio in Salt Lake City, Utah to film LearnKey’s CCNA Security training. If there’s anybody who knows his stuff, it’s Tom and we are thrilled that he’s here!

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Excel 2010- Michael Meskers

by jleany - May 24, 2010

Excel2010-MikeM-editedAs I type this entry, Author and Trainer Michael Meskers is in our production studio wrapping up this week’s filming of LearnKey’s Excel 2010 training.

I’ve been popping in and out of the shoot this past week and can’t tell you how eager I am for this product to be released (I’m going to be taking the training myself). Not only has Michael been exciting and interesting to watch and listen to, he does an incredible job of teaching everything, and I mean everything, there is to know about Excel.

During a quick break of the filming today, I ran back into the control room and asked Michael to give us (fellow blog readers) a brief thought on the new Excel 2010. Here’s what he had to say…

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My Money Plan

by Colin - May 03, 2010


Nearly two months ago, I ran into some serious financial problems. I’ll avoid telling the specifics as I realize I’m not the only going through this and you all have your own problems, but it is important to know that my situation is difficult and seems almost impossible to recover from. In my life thus far, I’ve really never had to worry about financial stress… until now. And let me tell you, it was not a pretty sight! It hit me like a ton of bricks!

For days and days, I researched on the Internet hoping to find advice on how to solve this particular problem. After reading countless blogs and articles, I was left feeling even more tired and hopeless than before. It was inevitable- I was doomed!
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DoD 8570.1 Compliance

by mmiller - Mar 30, 2010

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) requires all Information Assurance (IA) workers to train and certify in accordance with the 8570.1 Directive to protect and defend DoD information, systems, and infrastructures. This directive was put in place in 2005 in response to an influx of security breaches and ever-changing threats and countermeasures.
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March Madness

by Nathan Darling - Mar 18, 2010


Let LearnKey give you a T-Shirt!

In an effort to capitalize on the excitement of March Madness, Learnkey has decided to offer a series of promotions culminating in a massive one day only never before seen slobberknocker of a deal that will astonish our clients, and accountants alike!

Without any further fuss, let’s get this party started!

March 18 : First Round
Get a free T-shirt with every purchase.
(valid only in the continental United States)
Just enter promotional Code : ************ when you order.

Learnkey First Round

For full details and to follow the event check out our March Madness page.

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Fun(ded) With Perkins

by Nathan Darling - Feb 10, 2010

Educators struggling for funds to provide proper instructional experiences to their students, may be able to rely on a Perkins Grant for some of their needs.  The Perkins Grant, outlined in the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998, provides funding for school districts and community colleges.  The purpose of the funding is fourfold:

  1. to build on the efforts of states and localities to develop challenging academic standards;
  2. to promote the development of services and activities that integrate academic, vocational and technical instruction and that link secondary and postsecondary education;
  3. to increase state and local flexibility to provide services and activities; and
  4. to disseminate national research and to provide professional development and technical assistance that will improve vocational and technical education programs.

It is the fourth purpose where LearnKey’s library of vocational, and technical education videos can prove invaluable to a school or district seeking funding.  

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CompTIA A+ Transition from 2006 to 2009

by Nathan Darling - Feb 08, 2010

The CompTIA A+ 2006 exams expires on February 28, 2010.  I repeat, if you are studying for 220-601, 602, 603, or 604 you have no more than 20 days from the day of this blog post to take and pass the exams.  After this date the only acceptable exams will be the 2009 series.   (220-701, 702)

Potential Certifiers who have not begun studying yet, or are only getting started should begin with the 2009 exams, but this should come as a wake up call to any who have been preparing and studying and were just waiting to feel ready.

If your school is a member of CompTIA’s Education to Careers (E2C) program, the A+ 2006 exam expiration date is extended to July 31, 2010.  Otherwise, time is almost up.

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ExamForce/LearnKey Merger

by Nathan Darling - Jan 20, 2010

On January 12, 2010, LearnKey and ExamForce announced the formation of LearnForce Partners LLC. This business merger allows both companies to combine their assets, resources, enthusiasm, and experience. Prior to the merger both companies were working with many of the same clients. For details about the merger click on : details about merger

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